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Prism Computer Solutions(PCS) was founded in 1994 to provide complete systems engineering solutions to the Electronics, Telecommunication and Medical device industries. We have grown with the various segments of the industry and have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering final product from the concept to design/development/testing and required certifications including the RF approval from the spectrum authority.

We have over 30 years design experience to deliver on time, at lowest possible cost, final product taking joint ideas into working, shippable products. We also take the risk out of our development by offering fixed price contracts.

Our extensive experience covers implantable, body worn and external medical devices for worldwide market.

• Prepare final TCF (Technical Construction File) for given medical device. It includes all aspect of Engineering including SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)/dosimetry analysis.

• Theoretical computation of RF interference suffered by the telecom system of the implantable medical device from the surrounding other telecom systems as well offer solutions for error free communication in given environment like hospital or residential.

• Theoretical computations of a link budget for the controller and the implantable device communications that predicts the performance of the telecommunications link as well as predict what power is needed to perform well.

• The device/package labeling and compliance details for the user manual.

We provide turnkey end to end services for pre-production and small to medium production quantities.


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