International Approval

Reducing your product's time to market and expanding your product's access to global markets swiftly.

The first step for a successful launch of any product in any country is heavily dependent on the method for market access. PCS(Prism Computer Solutions, Inc) has worldwide contacts and will assist your company to select the right partner/distributor/importer/local agent. Our method and strategy will help your company to be the first to launch in many geographies and enhance earning rapidly.

The regulations are complex in many geographies and subject to interpretations. PCS contacts in each region have strong relationships with the spectrum authorities and regulators. It is this know-how and relationships distinguish us from others.

PCS also has a very strong relationship with the local and international testing laboratories. PCS will conduct and support the testing until the end.

Our efforts include seamlessly driving through very thorough test processes meeting all the required standards and regulations. The test reports are scrutinized in great detail for compliance and thoroughness. This is the main foundation for international approval in other countries. PCS also supports preparation of agency approval plans covering all marketable countries.

PCS can be of great service to plan and launch products in emerging markets. Our coverage includes market access for over 150 countries and provides you a closer look at 21 different countries – online and with no obligation.

Regulations in each country changes frequently and PCS monitors them on continuous basis so that your products remain compliant before market access. PCS for Energy Efficiency services provides you with market access in countries with energy efficiency regulations.

PCS offers a very successful program for worldwide market access - for Telecom and wireless medical devices.

We help you reduce the delays and costs of multiple testing to achieve market entry into a variety of global destinations using family approval process and testing worst case EUT(Equipment Under Test).

Allowing your products to be certified once and ultimately accepted by other destinations worldwide without the need for further product assessment.

Along with a network of partners across the globe, and a homologations team dedicated to global market access, we are prepared to certify your product in various economies.

Our reputation for excellence has been earned by diligent involvement in the development of international standards and test methodologies. We have a strong history of working with domestic and international committees to establish Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) in any area our customers require compliance.

PCS can provide most types of electrical testing and certifications necessary for the global marketplace.

Our accreditations, partnerships, and experience in global regulatory matters position PCS perfectly to take your projects through the regulatory maze of EMC, Safety, Telecom, Wireless, and other tests as required.