• Certification Service
      Certification is the provision by an independent body of written assurance (a certificate) that the product, service or system in question meets specific requirements. Certification is also known as third party conformity assessment. Many companies and organizations decide to get certified to one of ISO's management system standards, such as ISO 9001. This is a way of showing outsiders that the organization has an effective quality management system in place.

      Certification proves your credibility to the market and approval by appropriate government regulatory body. To deliver that credibility, PCS has relationships and partnerships with various agencies who maintain global accreditations and recognitions for testing and certification services.

      There are more consumers seeking safe, reliable, and, increasingly, eco-conscious products. PCS brings the qualifications you need to get your products in front of the right eyes. We offer a certification process that achieves market entry into a variety of global destinations, programs for a more eco-friendly environment and also programs to verify social accountability compliance for your company and your suppliers.

      Working with PCS helps showcase and maintain products' safety and performance attributes. Our leadership and expertise in regulatory standards and certifications process keeps you ahead of changes and challenges, and our capabilities and knowledge of the process from sourcing to market position brings solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and meet best industry practices.

      Certification marks are evidence that a product conforms to applicable standards for given country, and that there is a program of ongoing factory inspections. For more than 30+ years combined experience and niche knowledge, PCS has guided its clients through the challenging certification process, making it faster, simpler and more efficient.

      In order to sale or market the product, in most markets, conformity to local requirements is mandatory before products can be sold. In other instances, it can be a powerful marketing tool that helps build confidence throughout distribution and end-user channels.

      Our Capability also covers:

      • Medical Device( Implantable/Body Worn/External ) submission prepration
      • Medical Device( Implantable/Body Worn/External ) Complete design dossier and secure Certification
      • IT/Telecom/Wired/Wireless Device Certification
      • Radio Frequency(RF) Device Certification for off the self or custom radio(Inductive/Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy/Wifi/...)
      • Aerospace Certification AS9100

    Conformity Assessment :

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